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How to design fonts ?
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To design a typeface, there are relatively few approaches.

The dilettante can learn by himself, but will quickly find himself drowning in a sum of information dealing with the history of writing and the different writing systems, as well as the specificity of typographic design and the methods and techniques related to the digital tools, software or standards, used today.

The student or professional who cannot afford a course dedicated to typographic design has only a few online resources and barely a handful of books available for independent learning.

The few textbooks that do exist often approach type design from the perspective of an exhaustive knowledge, and the printed page is often a relay of the knowledge already provided by a teacher.

The learner could feel overwhelmed by the injunctions and the creative pleasure would quickly fall to the bottom when this method is applied independently.From a professional and academic knowledge, the digital part is generally reduced to oblivion when it is not directly the software manual published by the manufacturer.

From this binary dichotomy, Blaze Type has approached things with pragmatism and nuance.

The beginner type designer, whether he is a young student or an experienced graphic designer, needs to be guided by a method that allows him to approach the creation of an alphabet through a succession of clear choices corresponding to decisive steps of progressive difficulty.

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